I am a soulful creator and restorative yoga teacher living in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Mindfulness has always be a practice that leads me home and I seek to bring that spacious and loving quality to who I am as a teacher, student and human.

I value. the clarity found in SIMPLICITY. mindful MOVEMENT to cultivate spaciousness. INTIMATE connection and in hugging everyone I meet. seeking the SACREDNESS in everything. GRATITUDE as a touchstone to compassionately serve.

I intentionally hold space for surrendering and shared vulnerability; whether on a retreat, your yoga mat, through snail mail, or face-to-face relationship. You hold the key to your own healing, I am honored to be a compassionate witness.

Beyond teaching, I curate healing crystal sets, co-host the Let’s Be Naked podcast and cultivate the ever-growing community over at Rock Your Bliss. My perfect day involves a quiet morning with honeyed light, a cool breeze on my skin, a vanilla latte, reading in a hammock without a time limit, walking through the stillness of a forest and cooking food with my family.

Photo by   Jenna Dailey

Photo by Jenna Dailey

Feel free to reach out via the form below with any requests for workshop collaborations, podcast inquiries, private in-home yoga and crystal magic. Looking forward to connecting with you.

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