Jenny Lynn Newell



Welcome love, I’m Jenny. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and call Colorado my heart’s home. If we were meeting over a cup of tea, I would hug you.

I sent out my first curated crystal set almost two years ago and have since had the pleasure of selecting, sending and curating over 200 sets to homes around the world. I have found that navigating this journey of being human with tangible touchstones has enlivened my mindfulness practices by bringing the esoteric into the physical realm of body & being. 

I am passionate about meeting you exactly where you’re at and using devotional tools; i.e. stones, oils, meditation, and restorative practices, to intentionally hold space for trust, surrendering, nourishing self-love, and shared vulnerability. Everything I create, teach, share and learn about is in service to supporting your sacred space

I believe in a world where we honor our impact and our ancestry, are empowered to heal our bodies and our emotional trauma through the wisdom of plants, and use mindfulness tools to expand our capacity to love and listen: to ourselves and our fellow humans. 

Beyond teaching and supporting with healing crystals & essential oils, I cultivate the ever-growing community over at Rock Your Bliss

My perfect day involves a quiet morning with honeyed light, a cool breeze on my skin, a homemade vanilla latte, reading in a hammock without a time limit, walking through the stillness of a forest, and cooking food with my family.