Jenny Lynn Newell


I am someone who likes to keep my woo woo side a bit under wraps. Tarot cards, crystals, intuition, energy: I am interested in all of it, but I don’t really like to shout it from the rooftops, because it feels too personal to me. What I love about the offering that Jenny has created is it gives me the opportunity to explore this area of curiosity in a safe and supported way. I know how much love, energy and intention she puts into selecting each set, which allows me to just lean into and trust her work. I don’t need to spend a bunch of time learning about crystals or try to go to the crystal shops where I feel out of my depths. I just know that she has made a perfect selection for me and it arrives right to my house so I get to keep the experience intimate. I also - at the same time that I am interested in this stuff - have a skeptical side that wants too get negative and say this is all hooey. But working with Jenny means that I am being held by someone who deeply believes, and because that aspect of belief is held by someone else I can suspend my own little skeptical voice and just enjoy the sets she selects. My crystal set lives on my desk where I work each day. Every time I look at them I feel the love she put into each one, and I smile.
— Cortnee Brown

I am an east coaster with a west coast heart. Jenny’s crystals are all California heart. I purchased a set at the true kick off of my coaching business. I needed to feel grounded, loved and supported. I have them on a tray on my Vision Shelf. I often take one crystal and wear it or put in on my desk when I need extra support. I have the note describing each stone out to refer, to as well. They come with love and I use them to create energy and space for what I’m craving at work and home.
— Lynn Mull

Jenny’s custom crystal sets are pure magic. Jenny is super intentional and intuitive about selecting crystals that match your current intentions to support you on your journey. Jenny includes personal, heartfelt touches that makes you feel cared for and loved. I have purchased a few sets in times where I was feeling drained and in need of support, but not able to figure out what I needed on my own. I have also gifted a few sets to family & friends. These make such a beautiful, unique gifts that everyone I have shared with has loved!
— Angelina Ugalde

You are total magic and what you’re doing for people is magical.
— Haley Sherif

I LOVE Love love my crystals! They sit next to me at my desk and then if I have time to meditate after a yoga practice, I place them on my chakras and focus on bringing their energy through my chakras and intentions. I keep my card on my desk as well for a reminder. I especially love the Tarot Card notes as they really are exactly where I find myself.
— Brandi Williams

I love the crystals Jenny selected for me! I carry them with me daily and hold each of them close to my heart depending on my mood, the time of day or the one that feels like it’s calling for me. For someone who isn’t too well versed in “crystal knowledge” it was wonderful to have a personal guru who I could share with intimately and who could then select my crystals according to my specific wants/wishes/desires/needs. Each crystal felt like the perfect one for me the moment I opened my box. The handwritten note with detailed explanation of each crystal’s purpose is a gift unto itself.
— Samantha Levy

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the World in the way you do! I have been mediating and practicing with my crystals ever since you sent them. And I got to be real, I was not sure if I would use them or if they would sit on my yoga bookshelf. But they have CHANGED THE GAME. Absolutely. No kidding around.
— Chelsea Schiller

There is something so special about a hand-picked crystal set from someone who truly cares. Jenny Newell literally puts her heart into this work and upon arrival, you receive your crystals to support your journey and feel her magic. How many crystals is too many, asking for a friend?
— Jacki Carr

After receiving a curated crystal set from Jenny, I read her sweet notes on the use and properties of each crystal. As a working momma of two small kids, a devoted practice using crystals isn’t possible for me right now, so I have them laid out around my home in places where I need them most. Inside the car door, on the sill near the kitchen sink, in the back pocket of my favorite jeans. Each reminds me and supports me to take a breathe, stay in my body, and be present to what I need to support my family- especially during those hard moments. Jenny’s approach to curating the crystals and sharing her knowledge is a perfect combination, providing me with tools that serve me throughout my day.
— Shannon Salentine

Jenny has an innate gift to not only connect with other humans on a soul level but then intuitively anticipate their needs and meet them through her crystal work. Without even giving her a lot of information, Jenny was able to curate a set of crystals that to not only support me but gave me insight into how I could support myself. Jenny is the gentlest and most empathetic people I know and to have her share that gift through this special crystal curation is something that this world needs!
— Katie Kurtz

After meeting Jenny through Rock Your Bliss, I was quickly drawn to her light, honest spirit. It only took a few minutes of conversation before feeling like I was reconnecting with an old friend. Jenny listens to you deeply, she sees you for who you are and she creates a safe space just with her presence. When Jenny began offering curated crystals, I knew that I needed to reach out and get a set of my own. When my crystals arrived, it was clear that Jenny had spent time choosing crystals that would support my intentions. They came with a beautiful love note and instructions on how to use them to support my daily life. I’ve had my crystals for a little over a year and I use them constantly. I hold them during my daily meditations, asking them to support me in my intention for the day. I bring them to my second grade classroom to help hold space for my curious, passionate little students. I hide them in a pocket during challenging conversations, knowing they’ll bring in strength and guidance in supporting my highest truth. I have them at my altar to keep the space sacred. Whatever your intention, trust that Jenny will choose the perfect crystals for you. I highly recommend her generous, caring, intuitive eye and heart.
— Nicole Wickstrom

Jenny and her offerings are such a gift. Jenny gives you, and whatever you going through or calling in, her full, wholehearted attention. She listens, she sees you and offers support in any way that she can. Jenny is one of the most present, caring people I’ve ever met and the world is lucky she offers what she does
— Mary Beth LaRue

Jenny is my go to wizard for all things crystals. She is super knowledgable and has the one of the best hearts I know to guide and support you and your work with crystals. I am very new to this type of support in my life and Jenny has been so generous with all of my newbie questions. I use my crystals in my routine for self care and as a reminder & support for my daily struggles and triumphs. Crystals are so grounding and always a wonderful way for me to be reminded to slow down, process and meditate on what is happening in my life and what I need to work on or through. I can’t recommend Jenny enough as a guide and support when working with crystals.
— Tayler Carlise