One-on-One Crystal Guidance

One-on-One Crystal Guidance


Thank you for the inviting me into your dynamic life journey. In moments of transition, we often need a compassionate mirror into our emotional landscape: someone to sit with us, walk life with us and breathe new life into our difficulties. I am particularly attuned to meet you exactly where you at and invite in layers of empathy, self-love, depth of feeling and generous connection.

It’s an honor to meeting your heart and your difficulties in this moment. Let’s create a pathway to supporting sacred space in your physical space to allow easeful integration through life’s challenges and ever-unfolding beauty.

This offering includes an hour Zoom video call, to connect on your unique life circumstance, what you feel you need in this present moment, and how to use rituals to support how you move from this moment into the next. This is a beautiful compliment to a personalized crystal set (options are available for personalized single sets, quarterly sets and monthly recurring sets).

Upon purchase, you will receive a follow up email from me to schedule a time (within the next two weeks) to connect for over Zoom video for your private session.

Please note: This is a soulful energetic exchange. To honor my time and commitment to crafting this service, I do not accept returns or exchanges.

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