Welcome, you arrived to this page on purpose and I'm so glad you're here.

Let's dig in! Over the years, I have used crystals in my yoga, meditation and life practices to support healing, energy shifts and emotional support in times of stress, trauma and uncertainty. I believe in the power of these stones to aid in deep restoration and trust their natural ability to serve as tangible touchstones throughout our lives. And I believe you're here to deeply support yourself in your bold and beautiful life. So...let's make some magic happen, together. 

Self-care begins in small and tangible ways and creating a physical space to support yourself in all of life’s transitions is a radical life practice. May this set serve to inspire you to slow down, feel into your body’s natural intelligence and receive the wisdom that is always available to you.

Here’s a little bit about my process. I source my crystals from several local mystical shops in Los Angeles as well as from my travels, both near and far. I am constantly shopping for stones in every town I visit, these stones carry the vibrational current of the places they were purchased and make their way home with me to patently wait for their perfect owner to arrive in my inbox. By supporting my small business, you help other small businesses thrive and grow. I typically spend two hours on each set; weighing, holding and meditating on each individual piece to ensure it's the most aligned to you. Each order is mindfully curated to specifically support your unique desires, intentions and life transitions. 

Choosing a crystal is a dynamic energetic exchange and I want to make sure the stones that arrive on your doorstep are perfectly suited to YOU, so every order will begin with the four thoughtful questions below. 

  1. Do you have a word or phrase that is serving as your guiding light for the year?

  2. Are there particular emotions you need support with right now?

  3. Where are you feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually drawn to in this moment?

  4. How would you like your crystals to be integrated into your daily rhythms and supportive rituals?

Once I select your stones, I clear them of all previous energies to ensure they arrive on your doorstep receptive and ready to be charged with your intentions. Then I ship them out with a sweet love note describing how to use the stones, what energetic properties they resonate, as well as outline the next two lunar cycles to encourage monthly rituals to amplify the manifestation of your deepest desires.

Intrigued? Giddy? Enthusiastically raising your hand? ME TOO! 

If you are a healer, teacher, coach or leader…

Let’s connect about gifting your clients or your students a crystal(s) to support their journey with you.

Collaborating to bring these curated sets into your retreats, workshops and online offerings is something I am honored to be growing.

I would love to work with you and those you’re holding sacred space for.

You can connect with me directly at jennylynnnewell@gmail.com.