Tiny Moments, Big Gratitude

Among life’s many many transitions, I find my ground in naming where my gratitude is living.

Today, I’m grateful…

For mid-afternoon quiet.

For creativity finally playing muse with me.

For a soft cushion under my seat.

For late nights spent reading good books.

For my husband’s sweet everythings.

For a date night at the movies with popcorn and soda.

For the effort I put into taking such care of my family.

For the trio in my diffuser: Spearmint, Lime, and Tangerine.

For the cooling breeze at the end of a hot hot day.

For the bravery that settles when I tell a friend how much I admire them.

For celebrating what’s working.

For holding things a little less tightly then I did yesterday.

Support Your Body

What would it feel like if you stopped moving?

What would it feel like to lay on the floor?

What would it feel like to feel the support of the Earth move up to meet you lying there?

What would it feel like to elongate your inhale? Luxuriate in your exhale?

What would it feel like to be still?

What would it feel like to listen?

What would it feel like to be the recipient of your love, care and attention?

What would feel like the embodiment of tenderness?

What would you feel soften?

I dare you to make some space to be with yourself today and see what could unfold, release, un-tighten.

Support Your Home

I recently read this book, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home by Becky Rapinchuk, for more tips, tricks, and recipes for continuing to detox our home. Becky is very thorough and the first fifty pages or so are rife with terrifying (and totally necessary to learn about!) facts about the chemicals laden in our household “cleaning” products.

Her recipes have started to make their way into our rotation, but this “Nightly Sink Scrub” is literally the best natural cleaning replacement I have EVER tried. I use it every single day in our home and love that powerful cleaning can happen with just a few simple natural ingredients.

This recipe is a game changer. It costs only a few dollars per refill, smells delicious, takes less than a minute to make, and works wonders on porcelain (sinks, toilets, bathtub) and stainless steel.

All you need is:

Place one cup of baking soda into a glass (or stainless steel) mixing bowl, drop in the lemon & clove oil directly on top of the baking soda and stir with a wooden or stainless steel spoon. Then scoop the baking soda mixture into the empty glass shaker and replace the lid (with holes) on top to close.

When you’re ready to clean, just sprinkle directly into the sink, toilet, bathtub, add a drop of your favorite non-toxic dish soap and then scrub with a bamboo scrub pad and rinse with water to watch the dirt/grime/grease/coffee stains rinse right off, like magic.

Support Your Heart

We make it so complicated sometimes.

We run from our pain, desperately hoping that if we put it in a drawer maybe we will forget about it, but we never really do.

We invent stories about future events that we have no proof will actually happen (yes, they might, but it will probably be different than the route you wildly imagined).

We judge people’s decisions, lifestyles, wardrobes, driving abilities, the list goes on and on…and ultimately we strip them of everything that make them humans just like us.

We praise our busyness and productivity without stopping to celebrate what our life looked, felt, tasted, smelled, sounded like over the past week, month, year, and instead proclaim that “everything just flew by”, all the while yearning for things to slow the f down for a while.

We feel lonely behind these screens, looking for intimate connection, when the people we love are craving for that eye contact, right in front of us.

After spending a few days in direct communion with Mama Nature, holy wow, I realized how far from my Self (with a capital S) I have felt this year. So far and yet….a simple deep breath, bare feet on the dock, hearing rocking waves against a sandy shore, laughter, and sun kissing my face. They all brought me right back into my soulful center; like a plug into a socket. I turned right on.

We have the power to un-complicate it.

To make eye contact.

To open our palms and sink into surrendering.

To whisper (or shout from the rooftops) “I love you”.

To tell them “I forgive you”.

To let go of “busy”, and “have to”, and “I don’t have time for that.”

To dance it out in your kitchen on a Tuesday at noon.

To honor that our humanness is showing too.