Jenny is passionate about yoga; she is willing to meet you where you are and help you create space in your busy life. Jenny’s one-on-one sessions are amazing; she has an intuitive heart, and she always knows what you need in each practice. Whatever you need in your life — to focus, to shift, to align, to transform — Jenny is the light you need on your journey.
— Ginger, North Carolina

We were the first students Jenny took on; we called it remedial yoga, she has worked with us and made a big difference in our lives. In addition to coming to us in any location, for the last year she has come to us via FaceTime in any country. Jenny has also been teaching my octagenarian parents and the classes have improved their flexibility and their outlook. She is magic.
— Ellen, Los Angeles

Jenny is a beyond soulful teacher and human. When you are with Jenny you have her complete presence and attention which is so vital in a yoga teacher / student relationship. I feel lucky to know her and work with her almost daily.
— Mary Beth LaRue, Rock Your Bliss

You know when you walk into a crowded room and are not sure where to make eye contact, who is nice or even where to put your coat? You know that moment? And then, all of a sudden you see a bright smile, a person walk over and offer a hug, helping hand and knowledge of the coat room and you breathe easy. That is Jenny. Every experience she is present, deeply connected and always knowledgeable in the most gentle way. I highly recommend Jenny for everyone, we need more easy breaths right now.
— Jacki Carr, Rock Your Bliss