Seize Your Summer: An Online Oil Experience
to Jul 19

Seize Your Summer: An Online Oil Experience


Welcome and thank you so much for being here. Congratulations on taking the first step on maintaining and elevating your health + wellbeing this summer.  Our team is excited to lead you through a 30 day Journey to Holistic Health. Our intention is to allow your energy + vitality to soar with ease through simple, every day actions. Throughout the 30 days you’ll have the opportunity to explore simple daily action, ideas, recipes and modalities - some of which may be new to you. That’s the fun part! Follow your intuition and take on whatever speaks to you - this is YOUR journey, we are simply here to share what we love.

What to expect

With the doTERRA Healthy Habits Collection (20% off until June 30) as our foundation, as well as the contribution of women who are experts in what they love, each day, beginning July 15th, our facebook group will be active with reminders, meditation, movement options, in addition to recommendations on how to use your Oils. There will be recipe ideas, fun options for your kids ( if you have any!) as well as music playlists and other options to keep your energy moving. 

To move through the 30 days powerfully, you’ll receive a writing exercise to allow you to get clear on your intention(s) for the 30 days. Writing is such a powerful expression to imprint + embody your intentions, plus allow the Universe to support you during this time.  Each week you’ll have the opportunity to revisit your intention, and create smaller goals for the week ahead. These weekly goals could simply be to take your vitamins, try one new recipe or get out for a walk. Whatever you choose for your health.

Our Commitment

* daily support + clear recommendations for the day.

* a welcome video taking you through the Kit with clear options for usage

* suggested daily practices to support your health + vitality.

* guided meditations

* recommended yoga sequences 

* daily movement suggestions - think: walking, hiking, running, biking in nature, or fun lead workouts

* a 30-day complimentary membership to Positive Edge indoor cycling

* guided intuitive sessions from leaders on our team 

* Recipe ideas - smoothies, bowls, etc

How to Join

Please email me with any questions. I’ll support you in ordering the Daily Health Habits Collection and send you your Welcome Packet, plus add you to our Facebook group. You’'ll have unlimited support from me as your Essential Oil Health + Wellness Educator and cheerleader throughout this process.

If you’re ready to commit - purchase your Daily Health Habits Collection here. Move through the registration process as a Wholesale Customer, purchase your Collection + you’ll be ready to go! I’ll add you to our Facebook group and send you your Welcome Packet.

Please note if your are new to doTERRA, there is no monthly commitment to purchase with doTERRA once your join + buy your kit. Though it is an option, should you wish to explore more product options.

*** If you are currently a member of a doTERRA community, please make a $20 donation to the Healing Hands Foundation to join us on this journey.

I look so forward to welcoming you on this journey and experiencing the joy and impact of community, commitment and consistency.

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Online Oil Workshop
to Jun 15

Online Oil Workshop


Free Online Oil Workshop // Learning & Exploring using doTERRA essential oils in your daily rhythms

In partnership with my generous and collaborative doTERRA team, we are coming together to offer a FREE Online Oil Workshop - June 10th-15th - begins next MONDAY! Each day we will have daily short & digestible videos to walk you through exploring doTERRA essential oils.

Here are the topics we will be sharing:  

Monday, June 10th:

  • Welcome + What to Expect (Morning)

  • Why Essential Oils, Why Now? (Afternoon)

  • What Are Essential Oils? (Evening)

Tuesday, June 11th: 

  • Lavender Oil (Morning)

  • How to Use Essential Oils (Afternoon - I am sharing on this!)

  • Today's Research on EO's (Evening)

Wednesday, June 12th: 

  • Peppermint Oil (Morning)

  • On Guard Immunity Blend (Afternoon)

  • Non-Toxic Cleaning with EO's (Evening)

Thursday, June 13th: 

  • DigestZen Blend (Morning)

  • Co-Impact Sourcing (Afternoon)

  • Why doTERRA? (Evening)

Friday, June 14th:

  • Frankincense Oil (Morning)

  • Deep Blue (Afternoon)

  • Healing Hands Foundation + doTERRA Philanthropic Work (Evening - I am sharing on this!)

Saturday, June 15th: 

  • Wrap up with membership perks, team benefits, and raffle! (for those who participate the whole week)

Join us HERE

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Online Gathering with Katie Kurtz of Her Turn Co.
4:00 PM16:00

Online Gathering with Katie Kurtz of Her Turn Co.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 12.37.54 PM.png

Grab your favorite blanket and bevy and cozy up with your screen for some real talk and connection. This LIVE call will offer the same authentic connection as our in person gatherings only you can call in from any where in the world. How it works: we create a container of connection, have some really soulful conversations and leave feeling inspired and with some new lady friends!

Date: Thursday May 9th, 4pm PST / 7pm EST; 90-minute Call

Location: A ZOOM link will be sent to you prior to the Gathering for you to call in using your phone or laptop (Wifi needed)

Fee: $10

Conversation Guides: Katie Kurtz and special guest Jenny Lynn Newell

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Loving From Our Center: Crafting Energetic Boundaries
5:00 PM17:00

Loving From Our Center: Crafting Energetic Boundaries

Join Angelina Ugalde & Jenny Lynn Newell for an online workshop via Zoom devoted to the importance of boundaries as a form of self-care and the energetic exchange that occurs when a boundary is set and/or violated.

In this workshop, we will explore what healthy boundaries are and how to lovingly, but assertively communicate those to others. In our 2 hours together, there will be a mix of lecture, discussion, journaling, meditation and restorative yoga. Please bring a journal, pen, yoga mat or blanket & an open heart.

A follow up energetic support package will be sent to all participants including; a mailed package with a crystal, love note, palo santo stick, $10 off a custom crystal set from Jenny, a link to Angelina’s yoga class on boundaries, and a follow up email to review the tools and learnings from the call.

Cost: $60

Save Your Spot HERE.

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